Our projects

The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation carries out various own projects that are in line with the present subject essential to Polish-German relations or eliminate deficits.

The Foundation carries out projects in the fields of education, social and political sciences, common national heritage, media and institutional cooperation. Our projects include scholarships for journalists, artists and translators; the organization of conferences, seminars and discussions; educational and popularizing activities; and forums for Polish-German exchange. Our work focuses on improving the quality of Polish-German cooperation and the transferring of good Polish-German practices to other fields, among others in cooperation with the third countries, particularly with the Eastern Partnership countries, or promoting a community of Polish-German interests in the European Union.

The Foundation readily participates in trilateral projects, projects in the Polish-German frontier and projects related to European subjects that are of great significance for the mutual relations of the two countries.

You will find information about particular projects of the Foundation on our website in Polish or in German.