30 years of the Foundation

The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

1991 – 2021

Established 30 years ago by the governments of Poland and Germany, the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation provides financial support for initiatives that bring the two nations together. So far, the Foundation has subsidized 16 thousand projects, thereby laying the foundations for Polish-German dialogue. The total amount of grants awarded since 1991 until now (January 2021) equals PLN 1 344 325 007 [EUR 312 633 722].

The Foundation’s grants are awarded in the following areas: society (including economy and environment), media and public opinion, science, education and culture.

Apart from its grant-awarding activity, the Foundation also implements its own projects, initiated in cooperation with organizations and institutions from both countries.

The Foundation strives to react to ongoing developments. Celebrating this anniversary year, we feel particularly committed to pursue the mission of the Foundation together with our partners and applicants. In 2021, our partners and applicants are encouraged to perform online projects. This is one of the purposes of the competition entitled “30 years of the Treaty ˗ 30 years of the Foundation” that gives priority to initiatives taking place in the virtual environment.

The history of projects co-financed and conducted by the Foundation over the past 30 years is encapsulated in a series of #30latFWPN in spots presenting selected projects of the Foundation in social media channels.