The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation provides funds for Polish-German projects that are carried out by institutions from Poland or Germany with a partner from the other country.

The maximum amount of the FPGC funding can total 80.000 PLN or 18.100 EUR, which constitutes a maximum of 50% of the overall costs of the project. The remaining resources may come from an organizer or a partner, as well as from a third institution.

Grant application should be submitted to the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation electronically by means of the Online System for Applicants (OSA) in Polish and in German. Applications can be made no later than three months prior to the commencement of the project in questions.

Projects supported by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation can be carried out in Poland, Germany, or in other countries provided that the subject of the project is related to Polish-German relations.

The Foundation finances projects in the fields of education, culture, the social and political sciences, science, media and institutional cooperation, professional groups, and local councils.

You will find more information in Polish and in German on our website.