The brand symbol is created from the graphic symbol of the signet and the name of the institution presented in Polish and German. The logotype style of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation is Futura Regular.

Steel blue consisting of the components C50 M35 K0 is a base colour for the brand symbol and appears when the symbol is presented on white. Please note that the name colour in the base version is available in black (see brand symbol below).

The colour should be used in print with the CMYK colours.

In the case of monochrome print:

- on coated substrates colour PANTONE 7544 C,

- on non-coated substrates colour PANTONE 7544 U

should be used accordingly.

The protective field defines the area around the symbol in which no graphic or textual form is to be found. To outline the protective field a constructive model was used: the square of a side that equals 1/2a. The size of the protective field equals half of the signet’s diameter. The minimum size of the symbol with protective field amounts to 35 mm at the base.

In exceptional cases, corporate design allows for the usage of the symbol in one-colour or monochromatic versions to improve the legibility of the message (e.g. information hierarchy). However, this is only allowed after consulting with the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation in each case individually. Monochromatic versions can be applied only within base colours presented in the corporate design.

Achromatic variants of the symbol can be applied in case that usage of the full-colour version is impossible for technical reasons (e.g. embossing, engraving and the like). It can only be applied after the consent from the Foundation has been granted.

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