conference: MYTH and REALITY – Countering Disinformation in the V4

7 grudnia 2017 - 7 grudnia 2017 8:30 Warszawa, Zielna 47

The Visegrad Insight, issued by Res Publica, is pleased to invite you to attend an upcoming conference on MYTH and REALITY – Countering Disinformation in the V4 as well as the premiere of the latest issue of the Visegrad Insight that will convene in Warsaw on December 7, 2017. The new Visegrad Insight issue is devoted to media landscapes in the V4 and at the conference we will aim to discuss and analyze, among others, the different initiatives for countering disinformation in the V4, cyber security, NATO’s role in the changing media landscapes in CEE and strengthening deterrence so vital in the region. 

Participants will consider such pressing questions as: the expanding cooperation of NATO and the V4 in regards to the new media and disinformation era, ways to win the disinformation battle, the digital revolution and whether it’s a cause or remedy to disinformation, and last, but not least, the importance of cyber literacy. 

See full agenda here: http://visegradinsight.eu/conference_disinformation/ 

 In partnership with NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, the Polish-German Cooperation Foundation as well as the Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs, Res Publica and the Visegrad Insight invite you to join us for a unique gathering of experts, government leaders, media practitioners, analysts, and emerging leaders from numerous NATO member states and partner nations. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the conference. 

To confirm your attendance please register by clicking RSVP button by December 3, 2017: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pwI3P452WNJkUa7Wdfm9D4dTNlSLFtAwFnw8zw9WbY4/edit